Because of COVID-19 restrictions, for our individual customers no delivery will be provided. All pick ups will be at Go-Deli Cafe, 60 Constellation Drive, Mairangi Bay, Auckland. During your online checkout, a time period for pick up will need to be selected for each day you have ordered from us, you will also be required to leave your phone number. 

Before you arrive or upon arrival, please text us to show us you are ready for pick up and we will prepare your order. People travelling by vehicles must stay within their vehicle until we have confirmed your order is ready. As for people who have travelled by foot please stay at a safe distance before our confirmation text. Once confirmed please come to the front of the cafe to pick up your order and please make sure that you have picked up the right order. For any more queries or special requirements please contact us. 
For companies requiring delivery please also  contact us via our email below.

Email :
Phone: 09 4766170 or 0279680439
Address : Go-Deli Cafe, 60 Constellation Drive, Mairangi Bay, Auckland