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    Coffee is art, our baristas are artisians.

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    All food are made with fresh vegetables and fruits.

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  • Go Deli Cafe

    Located in Home Zone Constellation Drive. Go Deli Cafe offers real coffee, fresh food and confortable environment for everyone.

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    Have you ordered coffee for the people on the Wall.

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Go Deli Cafe

Come and enjoy our selection of fresh sandwiches, wraps, panini, salads and soups. Wether you are looking to relax ovre a cup of coffee or grab a quick bite to go, the Go Deli Cafe is for you.

About Us

Our Value

We are commited to quality. From the coffee we source, to the precision with which it is roasted and packaged, to our constant training and pursuit of knowledge. Our mission is serve the community with the highest-quality coffee, fresh food and baked goods in a comfortable atmoshpere that meets the needs of customer who are in a hurry as well as those who want a place to relax and enjoy their food and drinks.

School Lunch Catering

BFW Ltd trading as Go-deli (Go-deli) is one of the most trusted school lunch suppliers on the North Shore, having experience as a food supplier for 15 years and providing reasonable costing healthy lunches for our children for more than 8 years. From a small café on the North Shore, Go-Deli was able to help towards the goal of a healthy and nutritious living style. As experienced caterers, approved by the Heart Foundation (https://www.heartfoundation.org.nz/), we provide food children and parents love, helping parents concur the ‘busy morning rush.’ Our wide variety of nutrient balanced lunches, made by our caring staff, supports children’s bodies and provides convenience, quality, and confidence for the parents. We are dedicated to deliver fresh and high-quality products daily. Parents can order from us or from our business partner: EZ Lunch’s online website, a convenient and simple ordering system.

Café Catering

Apart from our catering system, Go-Deli café also provides nutritious meals and dishes, for everyday breakfast and lunches. Moreover we are a provider of convenient lunches, we also cater for company parties, baby baths, birthdays, celebrations, and many more.

Go-Deli Café & Catering is a company dedicated to bring healthiness into families and homes at affordable prices and with convenience. Health is the foundation of good living.

Café: 8/60 Constellation Drive, Mairangi bay, Auckland 0630
Ph: 09 476 6170; Email: go-deli@hotmail.com
Catering Kitchen: 5/16A Saturn Place, Rosedale, Auckland 0630
Ph: 09 414 2428; Email: godeli-kitchen@hotmail.com

Go Deli is committed to providing healthier meal choices for children and works with the Heart Foundation to develop Fresh Made healthy menus.

All Day Breakfast

Bagel/Grain Toast

Cream cheese & jam

5 Grain Toast

Extra virgin olive oil & aged balsamic

Eggs on Toast

Any style on ciabatta toast

Bacon & Eggs

With grilled tomato, crispy bacon, eggs any style on ciabatta toast

Smoked Salmon Bagel

With south island smoked salmon, cream cheese, house salad, lemon & avocado

Smoked Salmon Scramble

Smoked south island salmon in creamy scrambled eggs with cream cheese, lemon & served on toasted ciabatta

Roasted Muesli

House roasted museli served with fresh fruit & natural yoghurt

Mini Go-deli Grill

Half size of the big grill

Big Go-deli Grill

Crispy bacon, sausage, hash brown, mushroom, tomota and eggs any style on toasted ciabatta

Lemon Potato Hash

Crispy house made potato hash with lemon oil, poached eggs & hollandaise sauce with a choice of either bacon or smoked salmon

Cream Mushroon on Toast

Served on toasted ciabatta, topped off with crispy bacon, basil pesto

Egg Benedict

Sautéed spinach, soft poached eggs and hollandaise sauce with your choice of bacon / smoked salmon / ham


A three egg omelette with ham, onion, cheese, tomato & mushroom served with toasted ciabatta bread and salad

French Toast

With bacon, grilled banana & maple syrup accompanied with whipped cream & berry sauce

Hot Pancakes

Served with grilled bacon, vanilla whipped cream, berry ragout

Spicy Chorizo & Baked Bean

On bagels with soft peached eggs & holandeise sauce

All Day Lunch

Black Board Special $P.O.A

Please ask your waiter

Pasta of The Day $P.O.A

Please ask your waiter

Toasted Sandwich

With two choices from bacon, chicken ham, cheese, egg, onion, tomato, pineapple, mushroom etc

Bacon Egg Buttie

Grilled bacon fried egg served in a warm buttered Scottish bap with a sweet tomato relish


Crispy bacon, avocado,tomato & salad greens

Sweet Corn Fritters with Bacon

Woth avocado, sour cream, sweet chili sauce and side salad with bacon

Cajun Chicken & Spicy Chorizo Sandwich

Cajun chicken, spicy chorizo open sandwich with chips

Open Steak Sandwich & Chips

120g of scotch fillet served med rare, with crisp salad, tomato ans a side of chunky chips

Crispy Calamari

lightly dusted in a lemon peppered spice & served with a sweet chill aioli, green salad & chunky chips

Go-deli Beef Burger

With mseclun salad, tomato, aioli, 100% beef patty, crispy bacon, onion relish, BBQ sauce (come with fries)

Moroccan Chicken Salad

With sliced pinepple, cashew nuts, avocado, tomato, green salad & balsamic dressing

Cold Smoked Salmon Salad

Cold smoked salmon, aple, celery & cranberry. Served with apple & balsamic dressing

Kids Menu

Baked Beans or Eggs

On toast

Bacon & Eggs

On toasted ciabatta


With fresh fruit, maple syrup & ice cream

Chicken Nuggets & Chips

With homemade sauce

Beef Nachos

Side orders

5 Grain Toast

Mushrooms, Hash Browns (2), Baked Beans

Egg, Tomato

Kransky Sausages (2), Salmon (2)

Streaky Bacon (3)

Bowl of Fries

Bowl of Wedges

Garden Salad


Cafe Catering Menu

Each selection box contains 16 sandwiches cut into quarters, giving you a great selection of your favourite godeli deli-fresh sandwiches.

CLASSIC SELECTION BOX (Serves 8-10 people) $110
  • Bacon & egg
  • Ham & egg
  • Chicken salad
  • Go-deli roast chicken bacon & tomato
  • Go-deli roast beef & fruit chutney
  • Go-deli roast lamb & fruit chutney
  • Go-deli corned beef & swiss cheese
  • Classic cheese & tomato relish

MIXED SELECTION BOX (Serves 10-12 people) $125
  • All day breakfast
  • Smoked salmon, cream cheese & dill mayo
  • Bacon & egg
  • Ham salad
  • Chicken salad
  • Go-deli roast chickenon & avocado
  • Go-deli roast beef & fruit chutney
  • Go-deli roast lamb, kumara & mint mayo
  • Classic cheese & tomato relish

SUPREME SELECTION BOX (Serves 12-15 people) $125
  • All day breakfast
  • Smoked salmon, cream cheese & dill mayo
  • Stilton, Bacon, grape & walnut
  • Go-deli roast chicken & avocado
  • Smoked chicken & avocado with cranberry sauce
  • Go-deli ultimate roast beef
  • Go-deli roast lamb, kumara & mint mayo
  • Avocado, ricotta & Pinenuts (veg)

Please note: menu listings are made up of the sandwich names and do not include ingredients. Due to the freshness and quality of our products we require 3 hrs notice for all orders

For more details please download the PDF Order_Sheet.pdf

School Lunch Menu

  1. Rice Balls and Salad
  2. Tofu Pockets and Salad
  3. Vegetable Noodle Salad
  4. Sweet & Sour Noodle Salad
  5. Chicken wrap
  6. Vogel sandwich - Chicken
  7. Vogel sandwich - Vegetable
  8. Vogel sandwich - Smoked salmon
  9. Egg mayo sandwich
  10. Ham, Egg & Mayo Sandwich
  11. Ham & Cucumber Sandwich
  12. Chicken Sandwich
  13. Tuna Sandwich
  14. Vietnamese spring roll
  15. Edamame beans
  16. Seaweed inari
  1. Red Bean Paste Pancake
  2. Pork & Cabbage Pancake
  3. BBQ Pork Bun (steamed)
  4. Pork & Cabbage Bun (steamed)
  5. Fried Dumpling Combo
  6. Pancake w. Orange, Pineapple and Strawberry sauce
  7. Chicken Corn Soup w. cheesy toast
  8. Mince pie (Kiwi Classic)
  9. Mince & cheese pie (Billy T)
  10. Butter chicken on rice
  11. Spaghetti Bolognaise
  12. Japanese Beef Curry on Rice
  13. Vege fried rice
  14. Toasted sandwich cheese & HAM
  15. Toasted sandwich CHEESE
  16. Panini chicken & spinach
  17. Panini ham & spinach
  18. GF Toasted cheese sandwich
  19. Hot dog
  20. Beef nachos
  21. Mashed potato
  22. Mini Sausage roll (sometimes)
  23. Mince Savoury
  1. Monday - Dumplings
  2. Tuesday - Pizza cheese & ham
  3. Tuesday - Pizza cheese & pineapple
  4. Tuesday - Pizza Smoked Salmon and Spinach
  5. Wednesday - Teriyaki chicken on rice
  6. Thursday - Japanese Beef Curry
  1. Sushi Chicken
  2. Sushi Chicken & Avocado
  3. Sushi Tuna & Fancy Lettuce
  4. Sushi Smoked Salmon & Avocado
  5. Sushi Vegetarian
  6. Sushi Cream Cheese & Pineapple
  7. Sushi Seaweed
  8. Sushi inari
  9. Seaweed inari
Snacks & Desserts
  1. After school combo 1
  2. After school combo 2
  3. Brownie - Chocolate
  4. Chocolate muffin
  5. Cookie
  6. Popcorn
  7. Apricot Yum Yum Balls
  8. Chocolate Yum Yum Balls
  9. Yoghurt
  10. Fresh Fruit salad
  11. Carrot sticks
  12. Grapes
  13. Pineapple pieces
  14. Sweet seaweed
  15. Organic seaweed
  1. Water
  2. Charlie's Apple Juice
  3. Charlie's Tropical Juice
  4. Milk
  5. Chocolate milk (Lactose free)
  6. Natural Lightly Sparkling Water 250ml


#Good News for 2019 term4#

The new term began, the Teacher's corner officially changed its name to "Go - deli Cafe corner". All the Teachers and the students can make order. We added many new products to the new menu including chicken Nuggets, Fries (Air Fried), Burgers, etc. that children love. From this term, the new supplier joined us, CROQ' MIDI, they will provide the traditional French baguette sandwiches, for more details, please visit ezlunch.co.nz .

#Coffee On the Wall#

Have you ordered coffee for the people on the Wall...

In our fast lives we often miss to see the needs of those around us. Needs are not always financial. Those could be emotional as well. Or certain needs can just be gratified with simple "hello" and "genuine smile" to a stranger. We never know what value such simple 'hellosss' hold for many people. Of all the resources available in this world, every specie has its claim to. Let's see ourselves with custodian of such resources. Such resources could be:

  1. I have plenty of time.
  2. I have money.
  3. I have medical skills.
  4. I have lots of happiness which I can share...

You are a temporary custodian of what universe has given you. Do not forget to share your time with those who need it, Help needy with your excess money, Help those suffering, and help bringing smiles to those need it.

I think with such small acts we can justify our existence!

#Color Me Prizes#

Colour me in for the chance to win one of the prizes or 1 free coffee for your parents.

#Robot Olympiad 2019#

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